A Short Introduction

Hello and welcome to my online freelance space.

Let me introduce myself; I’m Molly and I’m a copy and content writer, and digital content creator for small and independent businesses, with expertise in digital and social media marketing and management. For the longest time, I have wanted to take the leap away from a 9 to 5 office job to working for myself on a full-time basis, and that’s why I’m here. My mission is to help brands and businesses achieve their true potential online through keeping creative storytelling at the centre of all marketing strategies. As humans, stories are what we are most familiar, and what resonate with us, so why not use them?

A little about me

My passion for writing and telling stories started during childhood, where I would always be using my imagination to write new stories; from short stories to plays for my sister and I to perform in front of our parents, I did it. Reading some back, I can’t say I was a creative genius, or that my grammar hit the mark. However, at the time, that didn’t matter, what mattered was simply having a love and passion for what I was doing. As I became older, I started taking writing more seriously and my imagination began to expand. I would receive praise from English teachers on writing style, and they would always be eager to find out more — who knows, maybe they said that to everyone.

During GCSEs and A Levels, this is where I decided I wanted to write and make films and high-end, I knew I loved to tell stories and what better way than to write them and then bring them to life on screen – I’ll be honest, this is still one of my main goals that I’m working towards.

One of the main reasons I decided I wanted to start my own business was not solely to write for a living, but of course that is a huge incentive, but for the flexibility and independence to work with small and independent businesses, creative freelancers and entrepreneurs to help them reach their potential through telling creative stories and marketing strategies that will put their online footprint on their audiences radar, as experts in their field.

While you’re here, why not take a look around my website where you can find my recent work and check out the services I offer.

Are you looking for someone to craft engaging blog posts and articles utilising SEO and Keyword Optimisation? Or maybe your web copy is in need of a some TLC. Whatever your copy and content needs, I’m your gal!

If you’re interested in any of the services, or if you’d like to put together a tailored package, get in touch via my Contact form or send me an email at mollyokeefewriter@gmail.com.

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