Nottingham City ICP is a partnership that brings together all the organisations that can influence health and wellbeing in the city to support the needs of the people living there. Utilising my prior knowledge of health and wellbeing, the focus was to use simple language to convey the message that supporting people facing health and wellbeing equalities is their paramount priority.

Working as a Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant within a healthcare organisation equipped me with the expertise and knowledge to undertake this project. For the past year, I have worked with the ICP to develop new web copy, blog posts and write video scripts that not only inform but entertain and engage people living and working within health and social care across Nottingham.

The blog post, Inside Nottingham Integrated Care Partnership is a “behind-the-scenes” take on the development of the ICP from an outside perspective, providing fresh eyes that lays out what the ICP priorities and programmes are in clear and concise language that the target demographic will understand.

The post will be published on Integrated Care System Nottingham and Nottinghamshire under the topic of News from 15th March.


  • Write a script for a short 1.30 minute video explaining who we are, what we do and our plans for the future as we develop.
  • Research our priorities and the benefits the service will have on citizens in Nottingham.
  • Write new web copy for 6 web pages (About, Services, Priorities and Programmes pages, Reports, Our People and News).

SNEAK PEEK: Inside Nottingham Integrated Care Partnership

An increasing divide between primary care, hospitals and community services meant there was a need for positive change. The NHS Five Year Forward View expressed the need for a new approach in service and care integration, through collaborative networks, by providing long term care for people to live longer and healthier lives. In Nottingham, this took the form of the Nottingham City Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). The ICP was developed to bring together influencing sectors from across the city to equally support the health and wellbeing of Nottingham citizens.

I have been working for Nottingham City General Practice Alliance (NCGPA) since July 2017. We started as a small group of six in an office on David Lane and have grown to be an organisation employing over 120 employees based in Nottingham City Centre. NCGPA is a GP federation of 44 practice members that works across Nottingham city to provide augmented patient-focused care and solutions. When I first started at NCGPA, I was studying for my Film Production Technologies degree at Nottingham Trent University. My role developed from Videographer to Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant, acquiring all manner of new tasks and responsibilities within the Marketing and Communications team — right down to the laminating. And that is how I became involved in working with Nottingham ICP.

In mid-2019, I became aware of, and began working with Nottingham City Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). I was asked to support with creating digital materials and a video presentation for the launch event at Trent Vineyard. Being a part of the team preparing to launch the ICP, interviewing and filming service leads, gave me great insight into what Nottingham City ICP was going to be and who the key organisations involved in the changing landscape of health and social care provisions were. Witnessing partners across the city come together in a shared vision supporting Nottingham citizens, I felt a real sense of community. From that moment, I knew that the health and wellbeing of people living in Nottingham would be paramount to this organisation.

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