Smilestyle Signature is a highly skilled and experienced private dental practice, with a special interest and training in cosmetic dentistry as well as periodontal, endodontic and sedation dentistry. They cater to all dental needs and pride themselves in giving patients the smile they have always wanted, through an excellent holistic and augmented approach to patient wellbeing.

Implementing social media management that focuses on audience engagement, converting followers to customers, and utilising my skills in copywriting and content creation to write and design social media posts that engage, entertain and inform, across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

Working with Smilestyle Signature has been about creating and implementing social media management and copywriting techniques that will encourage people to interact with the content. As well as gain more awareness and knowledge of how they can help themselves at home through factual, easily digestible information.


  • Write 3 social media posts a week across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, including SEO and Keyword Optimisation and relevant hashtags.
  • Post informative, entertaining and engaging content throughout the week through health information, promoting competitions and giveaways, and using existing patient feedback.
  • Engage with patients and followers across social media platforms.

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