Comfort zones are important, but understanding the discipline of your own is vastly important in order for you to step out of it when it is required. Stepping outside our comfort zone is necessary in order to progress and without it, we end up plateauing. We will find that the more we step outside our comfort zones, the further they extend until we do not fear the things we used to as they will become the familiarity and stability. To step out of your comfort zone will not only enhance the creative flow, but will also allow you to become more flexible when the unexpected happens in the future. 

We all have our comfort zones, for some they extend wider than others, but we all have that psychological state of familiarity, where we feel in control and even a small shift outside the familiarity may potentially cause low-level stress and anxiety. Through personal experience, I discovered that the only real way of stepping outside your comfort zone, is by forcing yourself into perceived uncomfortable situations.

I published this article on my Lifestyle and Personal Development blog, Girl Who Writes, as a way of reflecting on moments where I have had to step out of my comfort zone and also advice for anyone possibly struggling to make that step.


  • Demonstrating that we all go through times where we find it difficult stepping outside our comfort zones.
  • Providing a personal experience relevant to the post and that resonates with readers.
  • Outlining that stepping out of your comfort zone can be as small as trying a new food, along with other tips and guidance that can help to take the small steps.

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